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Converting T12 Lighting Is Easy With T5 Adapters

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Converting T12 Lighting Is Easy With T5 Adapters

Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 2:56 pm by Net Zero USA

In June of 2010 the T12 magnetic ballast was outlawed by the U.S. DOE. Manufacturers were forced to cease operations producing this inefficient lighting component. Today, because of the DOE Lighting Phase Out, organizations that use T12 light fixtures are finding it harder and harder to get their hands on T12 ballasts and bulbs.


Commenting on the DOE Lighting Phase Out, National Lighting Bureau Vice Chair Susan Bloom (Philips Lighting and Philips Lighting Electronics) said, “T12 fluorescent technology is 70 years old and is generally considered outdated when compared to the far more efficient T8 and T5 fluorescent technologies currently available.”

Worried about what you are going to do with all of your T12 fluorescent light fixtures? Look no further than T5 Retrofit Adapters from Net Zero USA. Converting a T12 fixture with T5 Adapters is simple – the retrofit can be done in a matter of minutes – and the end result is better, more energy efficient lighting that will allow your organization to save money and reduce fixed cost.

The following video shows how effortlessly a fluorescent light fixture can be converted from inefficient T12 or T8 lighting to more energy efficient T5 lighting technology:


The T5 Adapter is a combination T5 lamp with built-in electronic ballast. The lamp snaps into the adapter and the entire adapter snaps into the light fixture. Net Zero USA offers a full line of UL Listed T5 lighting options including energy efficient lighting conversions, retrofits, and replacements for:

  • 2 Foot Fixtures
  • 3 Foot Fixtures
  • 4 Foot Fixtures
  • 8 Foot Fixtures
  • Hibay High Output
  • …And MORE!

Questions about converting T12 lighting with energy efficient T5 Adapters? Contact us today to schedule a free facility audit and find out how much you can save with energy efficiency!